iLASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK is currently the world’s most popular refractive surgery. iLASIK uses the same principle as LASIK with the benefits of an additional level of safety, precision, and customization. 94% of patients who undergo iLASIK see 20/20 or better.

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How Does iLASIK work?

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iLASIK is essentially a three-step process. First, we will map your cornea, taking incredibly detailed 3D measurements indicating the exact shape of your eye. The mapping process is 25 times more precise than most conventional measurement methods.

Next, your surgeon will make a flap in the outer layer of the cornea with femtosecond laser. The size and shape of the flap are completely customized to your eye shape. The surgeon will lift the flap, exposing the inner layers of the cornea.

Your surgeon will then use an incredibly precise excimer laser to reshape your cornea based on the 3D map we took before your procedure. Once the surgeon has achieved the desired corneal shape, they will smooth the flap, completing the procedure.


LASIK and iLASIK use the same basic technique with a few key differences. Perhaps the most important difference is the way the corneal flap is created.

iLASIK uses an extremely precise laser to create the flap, which helps protect against certain complications. LASIK, on the other hand, uses a blade to cut the cornea, which has the potential to put some patients (such as those with particularly thin corneas) at greater risk.