LASIK Eye Surgery

If you have found that glasses and contact lenses do not work well with your lifestyle, then you may want to consider LASIK. This procedure typically takes less than 30 minutes for both eyes. LASIK patients usually achieve 20/20 vision or better after surgery.

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How Does LASIK work?

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Step 1: Flap Creation

In this step, the eye is anesthetized using specialized numbing eye drops. Next, femtosecond laser pulses are used to create a flap in the surface of the cornea.

Step 2: Convenient Interplay

This next step relies on a pivoting patient supporting system, which allows us to rotate the operating table as required. This allows us to move the patient from under the femtosecond laser to the excimer laser station.

Step 3: Flap is Folded Out of the Way

The prepared flap is now gently folded out of the way, just like turning the page in a book. This exposes the corneal tissue for treatment.

Step 4: Corneal Sculpting

The excimer laser precisely sculps the corneal tissue, gently removing unwanted tissue point by point in just a few seconds, correcting the visual error.

Step 5: Flap is Repositioned

Once the visual error has been corrected, the surgeon gently returns the flap to its original position. The flap works like a natural bandage, protecting the eye during the healing process.

What to Expect After Surgery

After a quick post-operative exam, you’ll be on your way. It is normal for patients to experience blurry or distorted vision immediately after surgery, however, this should clear up within 24 hours of your procedure.

Your eyesight should stabilize within a few days. However, for some people, eyesight returns immediately and for others, it can take up to a week to fully normalize.

A few days after surgery, we will ask you to return for a post-surgery checkup. This is so we can ensure your eyes are healing as they should and that your visual acuity, or sharpness and clarity of vision, is where it should be.