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PRESBYOND is an advancement of LASIK, a common refractive surgery. This procedure can help correct presbyopia, a condition causing the gradual loss of your eye’s ability to focus on nearby objects. PRESBYOND may be right for you if you live an active and busy lifestyle and find reading glasses inconvenient.

PRESBYOND is fully customized for your unique needs, providing clear vision at all distances. Request a consultation if you are interested in PRESBYOND and learn more about this procedure. 

How Does PRESBYOND Work?

PRESBYOND works by treating each eye for a specific visual task to help you see clearly from all distances. This procedure helps optimize the dominant eye for distance vision and the non-dominant eye for near vision. Both eyes can see at an intermediate distance creating an area where the eyes’ images come together, known as the blend zone.

The actual procedure works similarly to LASIK. Your ophthalmologist creates a corneal flap on the surface of the eye using a femtosecond laser to access the corneal tissue. They then use an excimer laser to reshape the cornea.

After corneal reshaping, the corneal flap returns to its original position where it heals without needing sutures.

What Are the Benefits of PRESBYOND?

There are several benefits related to PRESBYOND. These benefits include: 

  • Similar treatment to LASIK: PRESBYOND is an advanced form of LASIK, a well-established surgery with proven long-term results.
  • Customized treatment: We base your procedure on a personalized profile that meets your needs.
  • Minimally invasive: PRESBYOND surgery occurs on the cornea with a corneal flap, making it a less-invasive option when compared to other refractive surgeries, that correct our near vision.
  • Quick recovery: any patients experience clear vision within 48 hours of treatment.

Who Is an Ideal Patient for PRESBYOND?

Your ophthalmologist caters your PRESBYOND treatment to your unique needs. You receive a customized surgery profile, meaning that your treatment caters to your unique vision needs. 

An ideal patient for PRESBYOND is an adult age 45–55 experiencing symptoms of presbyopia. Your doctor can help determine your eligibility for PRESBYOND.


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