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What Is LASIK?

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) is one of the most well-known refractive surgeries today. This procedure can help you see clearer without contact lenses or glasses. LASIK can help correct myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism

Besides providing effective results, LASIK is a fast procedure, usually taking 30 minutes or less. 

If LASIK sounds right for your vision needs, book a consultation to see how we can help improve your vision. 

How Does LASIK Work?

During your LASIK procedure, your ophthalmologist reshapes your cornea using a specialized laser. This reshaping occurs in under 30 minutes, leaving you with clearer vision after your healing process is complete. The surgical process finishes in approximately 5 steps. 

To begin, you will receive numbing drops for your eyes. Next, your ophthalmologist uses a femtosecond laser to create a flap on the surface of the cornea. 

After creating a flap in the cornea’s surface, your surgery team will rotate the operating table to move you to another laser station for corneal reshaping. Your ophthalmologist will gently fold the created flap out of the way to access the corneal tissue.

Using an excimer laser, your ophthalmologist will precisely remove corneal tissue to correct your refractive error. Once this reshaping is complete, the corneal flap returns to its original position, where it will heal without needing sutures. 

The Benefits of LASIK

If you are interested in LASIK, there are several benefits to this surgery. These benefits include the following: 

  • This procedure has a 25-year history with a 96% success rate
  • There is minimal, if any, discomfort involved
  • Your ophthalmologist can make adjustments if your vision changes with age

Is LASIK Ideal for You?

LASIK is an effective surgery, but it is not ideal for everyone. Several aspects of your health and vision can determine your eligibility for this procedure. Your eligibility depends on whether or not you meet patient criteria.

Eye health, cornea thickness, and your existing prescription are just some of the factors that determine if you’re a LASIK candidate. To find out about your eligibility, visit us for a laser eye surgery consultation.

What Are the Long-Term Results of LASIK

The long-term result of LASIK is clear vision. Research on LASIK and PRK finds that approximately 50% of patients had 20/20 or greater vision 4 years after surgery. Request a consultation with Horizon Laser Vision Center today if you’re interested in LASIK. 


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