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What to Know About Our Financing & Billing

To help make the refractive surgery process easier, we offer an all-inclusive pricing model. The price you expect will be exactly the price you pay.

Cost is an important consideration to make when it comes to refractive surgery. Learn more about our fees and potential financing options below. If you want more information on our pricing details, contact us today.

Our Fees

We offer all-inclusive pricing at Horizon Laser Vision Center. When you receive treatment from us, your fee includes: 

  • A consultation appointment
  • Preoperative testing
  • Surgery
  • Postoperative services with your optometrist & surgeon for 6 months
  • Lubricating eye drops for one month after treatment

If you require an enhancement or re-treatment within the first 5 years of your initial surgery, we will provide this procedure at no additional charge.*   

*conditions apply

Financing Options

Refractive surgery can help you live with clearer vision, but the cost can be a significant factor in your final decision. Patient financing can help you enjoy crisp, clear vision for a monthly fee. 

Medicard can help you cover the cost of your surgery with monthly payments. Visit Medicard’s website for more information about the application process. 

Credit Medical is a financing option that can help you cover the cost of refractive surgery. Learn more about how Credit Medical’s application process works.

Does Insurance Cover Refractive Surgery?

Unfortunately, many insurance providers do not cover refractive surgery because they consider it an elective or cosmetic treatment. While this may be the case, reaching out to your provider or checking any other benefits you may have is worth your time.

Do You Have More Questions?

Billing and financing can be confusing, so we are always here to help. Contact us if you have any questions, and we can do our best to help you.


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